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A painter painting a wall with white paint using a roller

Dursley’s Premier Decorating & Painting Contractors

Starting a painting and decorating project can be a time-consuming endeavour. At A & A Decorating and Maintenance Services in Dursley, we understand the challenges. With our four decades of experience as decorating and painting contractors, you can trust us to deliver high-quality workmanship and reliable services. Painting and decorating is our specialist service, and we take pride in the final product we provide. Our expertise covers wallpapering, interior painting, commercial painting, and more. Let us transform your space with skill and precision. Give your domestic and commercial space the transformation it deserves – trust A & A Decorating and Maintenance Services. Send us an email today to schedule a consultation and discuss your refreshed, vibrant space.

Our Painting & Decorating Expertise

A bedroom with wallpaper with wall lamps and a queen size bed

Surface Repairs & Preparation

Before the paint is applied, we prepare your surfaces. Our repair and preparation work guarantees a flawless canvas, ensuring a long-lasting and impeccable final result.


Add charm to your property’s interiors with our wide range of wallpapers. Stripping to hanging, we do it all. We offer an array of designs and textures to suit your style, providing a quick and impactful makeover.

Decorating Paint Effects

Create a unique atmosphere with decorative paint effects. From exterior decorating to interior paint effects, our artists can craft custom finishes, adding character and sophistication to your space.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Our expertise extends to both interior and exterior painting. Whether you're looking to refresh your living space or enhance your property's kerb appeal, we've got you covered with professional painting services.

Commercial & Industrial Painting

Revitalise your workspace with our expert painting solutions. Our painting contractors bring life and vibrancy to commercial and industrial settings, enhancing the ambience and durability of your property.

Floor Painting

Transform your floors with precision and style. Our specialised floor painting services provide a fresh, durable finish, adding aesthetics and functionality to your space.

Paint roller painting lilac paint on a white wall
Close-up of painters, hand, painting a window frame with white paint

Door & Window Painting

Let your doors and windows make a statement. Our skilled painters ensure a smooth, attractive finish, protecting these essential elements while enhancing their visual appeal.

Wall Rendering & Plastering

Transform your walls with our expert rendering and plastering services. Our skilled craftsmen provide high-quality finishes, revitalising your property’s interiors and exteriors with precision and finesse.

Close-up of a man's hand painting a white wall

Experience painting like never before. As your painting contractors, our expertise transforms your walls. 

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